Willoughby Bulk Waste Part 1


In this video we see truck #1592 picking up one of the four annual bulk waste pick ups. This truck is/was a truck that JJR was using to trial their new rear loader body.

As you can probably see this truck isn’t the best truck for bulk waste, it struggles on a lot of material, while i wasn’t filming the truck struggled to pack a water heater and a few pieces of wood. As you can see in the video, the truck really struggled to pack that foam insulation stuff.

This truck is still working around Willoughby and doing all the bulk waste pick ups as well as the JJR JP5 that does bulk greens. #1592 now has a UrBin body on it which is so much better then the body that JJ’s made. I am still yet to film the truck with its new body but i do have a picture of it on my Flickr page with the new body.

Huge thanks goes to the driver and the two runners who let me film, they really made my day! Hope everyone enjoys this video as much as i did filming it! Please comment, like and subscribe if you haven’t already 😉