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0:00 Poor doggo forgot that he has a tail (u/wooden_slug)
0:22 Kid gonna remember this for lifetime (u/cinephile46)
0:34 Theres something wrong with my human (u/prayinthedarkness)
0:54 First day on the job (u/yomamascub)
1:04 sorry I serve only for queen (u/immoleight__me)
1:30 She didnt just die she was murdered by the stupid (u/MiauMiauMoon)
1:43 Yoink mine now (u/salbrendon)
1:53 Jacob knew it very well (u/spookyske1iton)
2:37 Socks were on tho (u/romanianfish)
2:42 UFC fighter Stephen Wonderboy Thompson dies inside (u/Re3ck6le0ss)
3:02 Dont mind me (u/Syclus)
3:26 Im so sorry (u/FartyPat)
3:53 My friend who cant golf finally hitting the ball after a lot of tries (u/achiee69)
3:57 Jamal Murray finding out he only has 1 night off after impressive game 7 win (u/banoodles1111)
4:18 We just got a puppy and our other dog is not enjoying this (u/FlamedFameFox87)
4:51 I miss you (u/immoleight__me)
5:01 Asking the real questions (u/Slightly_Happy)
5:23 Straight N to the O (u/Duffman_can_never_di)
5:33 Watch this cat die inside (u/xxx838player)
5:47 exploding Kombucha (u/VaderV1)
6:09 Rookie mistake (u/FurryPopcornPorn)
6:48 He asked her to surprise him (u/TheModernRedditor)
7:17 A valuable life lesson (u/Chatters01)
7:42 I felt this pain so deeply Cred Thatwasepic (u/richval91)
7:52 Title (u/VASIL360)
7:57 shazam (u/cheermellow11)
8:06 Opening a bottle (u/PPIIKKAACCHHUU)
8:15 Sarcasm boss level (u/Blue-Dinosaur)
8:33 My mans just trying to finish some work (u/ShieldsMatt)
8:53 The cat continues to suffer (u/arminkennedy)
9:07 Imagine wearing brown (u/ZiggyTheNooBts)
9:25 Asking celebrity for a photo (u/RPI_ME)
9:37 Otter needs more snacks (u/AyoSummy)
9:54 Should say watchmonkeysdieinside credit to its Casper yt (u/Mrreddit4579)
10:01 Footballers dumb own goal (u/IraqiCheesecake)
10:22 Timthetatman dies inside (u/DLaccy)

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