Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think! here are the timestamps for each video:
0:00 When your mom scolds you (u/ATJWen)
0:28 Are you Serious (u/–Yami_Marik–)
0:40 All he wants is a high five (u/Wingo16)
0:54 Theres something wrong with my human (u/prayinthedarkness)
1:14 Guy dies inside when his controller disconnects before he can deliver death blow to final boss (u/Ravmastaren)
1:49 He picked me (u/freegumaintfree)
2:05 Cat said Hell Nah (u/Lurkzulll)
2:13 Idk who died more the man or the dog (u/The-Holy-Sheep)
2:24 Uhh (u/sardine909)
2:34 A Gordon Ramsay classic (u/FormerChiId)
2:54 I guess the show is over (u/vicgriffin)
3:04 Charles Barkley reading whatevers on the teleprompter (u/kevoooandres)
3:30 Pretty nice shot (u/CrazY_KinG009)
3:38 Cat realises it has ears (u/Icewolf496)
4:22 Ive never been so humiliated (u/michedi)
5:02 My dog dies a little inside when she realizes the ball is too close to the cat to safely retrieve (u/SourestSenpai)
5:09 Deep Concern (u/Peviceer)
5:18 There is always that one peice that is right but looks so wrong (u/Pedrica1)
6:00 Walking blindly to her death (u/AristonD)
6:15 Whatchu put Whatchu put (u/Big_Tiz)
6:23 125 chug (u/HShahzad108277)
6:32 Granny is bamboozled (u/akki1664)
7:04 Hes trying to hide his rage (u/WebDevMango)
7:31 Doing ballet in the dorm (u/Sharkyzane231)
7:47 Things I would do for 25 (u/weebtrash100)
7:54 Now I know the opposite of pspsps (u/SRDINO_-)
8:12 British humor is my favorite kind of humor (u/Pedrica1)
8:24 Sleepy Driver Prank (u/tanishvv)
8:52 Death by Blinker Fluid (u/Letibleu)
9:27 Im out (u/cowabungapeppermil)
9:39 It is what it is (u/Sad_Yad)
10:04 You cant Watch it but you can hear and feel it (u/Iraklivar)
10:36 Stand up Comedian dies inside (u/vjmix)

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