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0:00 Shell never know whos stronger (abhi5h3k)
0:24 British humor is my favorite kind of humor (Pedrica1)
0:35 Interviewer dies inside then leaves (last_slice_of_bread2)
0:51 Just a cute lady with a cute stingray (Currynrice9728)
1:02 Hey thats some pretty good balancing (Pedrica1)
1:12 Fuck this shit i am out (Pola_xoo)
1:22 Dog Caught Stealing Food From Counter (Rewlet)
1:48 Gold (altwary)
2:13 The Spanish with the American accent makes this all the more funny (yodarthy)
2:30 Lets redo it (OwllOnDaProwl)
2:48 Men (V69C)
3:00 Reality is rough (unnaturalorder)
3:25 Guy realises he has a kid (handful_of_prozac)
3:33 Ponytail death (Straxa)
3:47 It all comes crumbling down (yaboy-RHYS)
4:03 You guys know what I really mean right (KatzDeli)
4:19 Weather Boy (GlobalSweet)
4:32 Bear attack (nickolsonjack)
4:58 welp sht (cheaddaca)
5:16 Interesting routine (CounterStreet)
5:41 Feel very bad for him (Brooinator)
5:50 Baby is that real (nickolsonjack)
6:10 Emc2 (foxxk)
6:17 Why u should hold ur mouth to yourself (TheBlueGhost16)
6:32 When your light runs out of battery midrecording (Kazoo634)
6:45 Lucky boy (nickolsonjack)
7:01 Watch Cop Die Inside (WrickyB)
7:14 Just trying to cross without getting wet (V69C)
7:23 Bad girls for life (nickolsonjack)
7:39 Connor McDavid finds out he will be going to the epically dysfunctional Edmonton Oilers (CounterStreet)
7:56 He got it eventually (ElTitoDimo)
8:13 Its petrol (nickolsonjack)
8:34 Drunk birthday girl (goandbecool)
8:55 got emmm (Jason3671)
9:05 Minutes after saying how crazy shoenice had gotten Ethan and Hila of H3H3 die inside Repost with audio this time (jackconger)
9:22 Did u notice the color (V69C)
9:37 I know what you mean I do I do (SCHJOO)
9:55 What did you think was gonna happen (oi-king)
10:15 Part 2 When your mom speaks like a teenager (Fedwardd)
10:44 Watching his future prospects crumble (kjaejk)
10:53 Pontiac the experience First start up after 5 continuous days of wrenching (Breadroll96)
11:18 An interesting title (LivianAgeless)
11:38 Pickles are gross in general (FatalMayhem)
12:07 He got betrayed (nao42069)

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