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0:00 Wheres my bike gone (Peejay22)
0:23 Walking blindly to her death (AristonD)
0:39 Early 2000s Ads were dark (TheXtremeSpike)
0:50 Collateral damage (theGmanAssi)
1:19 Kitty just want some snack (wooden_slug)
1:27 The Dark Side (Enseimada)
1:57 wall in the back got you fam (Dhonnan)
2:16 Mister Bubz gets BUSTED (prodigy_of_errors)
2:34 I for one welcome our new Roomba overlords (Maelarion)
2:43 Must be embarrasing (kkmcrae63)
2:57 Man dies inside on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WeAllFuckingFucked)
3:18 All he wants is some good boy points (ALotANuts96)
3:32 Cheating (–Yami_Marik–)
3:49 Babe (RudePhilosopher17)
4:04 His face when he got stuck tho (Parvak07)
4:11 New Purchase (V69C)
4:18 Kevin did not appreciate me taking his tissue (yeswecandoitagain)
4:32 KTLA 5 News Anchor falling News Fail (thunderkhawk)
4:59 Saw a post and had to make a sad editlink to og post in comments (Yuya-Sakaki3736)
5:19 Man has extreme brain freeze (r_willi27)
5:43 Green Spongebob dies (Neon_Rhino)
5:55 Did somebody text me (KatzDeli)
6:13 My dude said yummy (last_slice_of_bread2)
6:21 uSe tHuNdErBoLt iTs aWeSoMe (neondit)
6:28 Trying to thread the needle between water hydrant and the apple tree (kcederquist)
6:36 This guy did lose an 800k island cuz he wasnt subscribed to PewDiePie (ShamanlvlGod)
7:04 CaMeRa MaN FiLmS DoG As ItS EaTeN By ViCiOuS WiLd AnImAl (flameslushman)
7:14 Timeless Classic Brake Check Alarm Clock (TazmanianTux)
7:25 The disappointment in his eyes clip from JasonParadise (daddyflextape)
7:42 Drive 90 minutes to see the niece (gjcdc)
7:47 Dad wished another woman Happy Birthday on FB (Roscoe2125)
8:02 My cat has never meowed like that but we are taking her to get shots at the vet (EpicTwinkieGamer)
8:26 Never forget Sound is slightly better on this one (spiderpigparker)
8:36 That iconic face (vicarious_simulation)
8:43 Rage quit within 4 seconds (SuperSonicVideos)
8:56 Its the character dancing at the end for me (LuckyFrog_)
9:16 poor guy didnt even bother anymore (ArtisticBeats)
9:35 They lied to me (vldz-io)
10:03 Hey Brads score is still on there (Ryan5374)
10:26 One way ticket (SnooMemesjellies6513)
10:40 What have I done (prashant_peekay)
10:52 Worst Hair Day Ever (BenefitsBenson)
11:10 Caught in the act (c001_b01)
11:36 Getting tired of her shit (psychdlia)

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