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0:00 That shit changes you (WrickyB)
0:22 Ok Im sorry (gazan778)
0:34 Thumbs up (anismail)
0:47 Keepin it real (–Yami_Marik–)
1:05 What color do we get if we mix Blue Red Purple (BURNxBBQ)
1:20 I wanna scream for him (Phaethon-)
1:35 All for an ice cream sandwich (dis_fine_gentleman)
1:52 The queen dies inside (JH_monster)
2:11 Are you my blind date (Wolfo_YT)
2:27 Police sirens (nickolsonjack)
2:34 Showing the box whos boss (HoneyComesFromBees)
2:45 Holup (Kevin_0019)
3:09 Wet (nickolsonjack)
3:17 Wife calls husband by name (19yannick96)
3:38 Verifying is impawtant (Harman1796)
3:48 You gotta jump high (WebDevMango)
3:57 You cant not feel bad for him (eashanbhatt)
4:21 Gotta show waifu to dad (evergarden_8)
4:34 Bruh (merely_boii)
4:41 Things you shouldnt do (Redditbabbit)
5:01 Questioning your beliefs (Alexander0232)
5:24 I know this is a joke but its fuckin hilarious (LuckyFrog_)
5:30 Did he Oh he did (geddyleesays)
5:52 Eating a pepper (undefined_life)
6:06 In the game of Mario Cart you win or you die inside (PastyMcBasicFace)
6:19 Chris Colinsworth dies on the inside (darrinnear)
6:33 Only the one has the ball (CowCrazy)
6:42 LOL (__-Better_Than_You-_)
7:00 Game crashed the moment we were suposed to win Watch me die inside (Netsugake)
7:25 Cameraman and his boy holding the speaker also died inside The sound of a heart breaking in real time (Lusterkx2)
7:51 I own this road (tell-me-its-u)
8:06 When your Cat doesnt like the new carpet (Streetman245)
8:15 lol (ziimbida)
8:38 He is Dead Already (its_svg)
8:44 So satisfying (loloquality)
8:52 Dr Phil is probably knowingly creating a Martha Stewart effect in a pretty creepy fashion (raciallyambiguous)
9:13 my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined (watersocksFN)
9:27 Pure willpower (PPIIKKAACCHHUU)
9:35 The moment Serbian President Vucic realizes that the statement he just signed apparently without reading commits his country to moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem (Unknownrex)
9:55 He got betrayed (nao42069)
10:13 Pretty nice shot (CrazY_KinG009)
10:20 Hes trying to hide his rage (WebDevMango)
10:47 Dad rendered speechless (Batman24011992)

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