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0:05 How dare you (Blought)
0:13 Ah yes omgele (ronde_baksteen)
0:36 Guy steps over a dog and breaks tv (who-tookxmy-username)
0:43 never sucking those again (who-tookxmy-username)
1:03 This is my life now (vash___stampede)
1:28 He just wanted to it his cereals (TeilzeitTesla)
1:42 taste of betrayal (callofdutyvsbf)
1:50 OC I dont usually annoy my cat but when I do she doesnt like it (Bischwa)
1:58 Really Dave Again (Hoshigakiandy)
2:11 Thats gotta hurt (NEEWAW6)
2:19 Icecream goes brrrr (ryuzaki003)
2:33 Kid got caught on a kite (LLx3)
2:55 The way he looks at the ball coming towards him (ISaidNootNootMF)
3:11 Hes fucking dead (TheSadHeavyFromTf2)
3:31 Borf (hayjaybirk)
3:46 Tom Ford breaks a car windscreen during a build quality test (Mr_FilFee)
4:04 Fainting before getting your nose pierced (sheeeeeez)
4:33 sitting is harder (who-tookxmy-username)
4:51 Get that man a fork (sherifmerdani)
5:00 Hell seriously drink your blood (Hobbescrownest)
5:22 Lions at the Zoo (Fuenigo)
5:31 Purging coolant system gone wrong (zeclawww)
5:48 Tuonto dies inside (paradox5003)
6:08 Jamie Oliver uses jam in egg fried rice (thememeguy12)
6:26 Guy carrying confederate flag slips up (moonchild1204)
6:47 Putin assassination attempt (Bogadilio)
7:04 Oliver says himself that this video fits the sub (Creftospeare)
7:10 Man volleys the fireplace while doing Keepy Ups (welshie123)
7:39 Formula 1 Driver Carlos Sainz is moving to Ferrari next year And Ferrari isnt doing to well (Bossmandude123)
8:00 Big gator dies inside (lolmalolie)
8:25 Big boy toilet one of the strangest moments Ive seen on house Hunters Hes definitely hurting inside (Lets_Leave)
8:35 Been caught cheating (Water0Crab)
8:48 Not nice at all (sherifmerdani)
8:57 uhhmom (Thereaper29)
9:05 My boss after she found out we ran out caramel (ty-pical)
9:28 pizza SOUND ON (furrymaster555)
9:38 He was really not expecting that (_weeb_lord_)
9:48 Jerry Jones on game losing OT field goal (L1ghtn1ng_strike)
9:59 I messed it up by posting this here (TotoroYosh4321)
10:06 Just keep singing just keep singing (Midna0802)
10:34 My friend was streaming and i clipped this gem (Ibood7)
10:45 Is there such thing as a lawful good rogue (Midna0802)
10:58 That WTF Face Tho (12dent)
11:15 NEPHEW happy birthday (ChefDane1985)
11:40 One way ticket (SnooMemesjellies6513)
11:53 Never seen something as scary as this shadow (BananaBridgy)
12:02 I guess the show is over (vicgriffin)
12:11 Cat caught cheating (protrudingstick)
12:24 Caught on camera (binsyobinsyo)
12:33 Why did I have kids (manifest_glory)
12:38 Oh how the turntables have turned (unnaturalorder)
12:49 My buddy dies at work a few years ago (german_meatball)
13:05 Oh no Miss Universe (bob12349)
13:14 Stepdad Trying To Stop The Neighbors Pig Buddy From Digging Up The Yard (Severus_Amadeus)

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