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0:05 He got betrayed (nao42069)
0:22 in conclusion yet another interstellar meme (Jouahn)
0:31 Thats rough buddy (Feras_Omar)
0:41 Faked cutting his hair (walking-pineapple)
0:56 guy falls in a trap (who-tookxmy-username)
1:05 Should already be a classic (VaiterZen)
1:16 Damn that was a nice car too (sxbrina1)
1:42 At this point shes just utterly disgusted (Thelastbeast180)
1:59 Fucker (Im_a_mf_starboy_)
2:25 Thanks for dinner (PPIIKKAACCHHUU)
2:41 Whoathat skills tho (send_ur_pussyselfie)
2:55 Justonemorestick (Nayeem83)
3:14 She thought she was muted (cafezinhos)
3:43 dont buy weed from gas station (Jouahn)
4:07 Bending a copper guard (window-fly)
4:40 you want something to eat (Jouahn)
4:47 watch little kid die on the outside too (Jouahn)
4:53 16 year old girl teaches man a lesson (SalvatoreGannaci)
5:06 The dead eyes she gives him (Duffzilla12)
5:11 watch man spin to death in yet another Interstellar meme (Jouahn)
5:23 Dog dies inside (-Dillad-)
5:39 He got carried away (MixPakora)
6:10 Man finds the truth out about pigeon (DeppStepp)
6:14 little kid goes on a very hard slide (Jouahn)
6:19 F (endochase)
6:36 Daughter shows her mum a baby on her phone (NintandogYT)
6:47 She dont like the WAP (kevinowdziej)
7:17 Fly up up and away (merely_boii)
7:40 robot dab (Ads61002)
7:56 The Face Of Betrayal Feline Edition (katana_kusanagi)
8:14 This one hurt from rwellthatsucks (Suyesh_Shrestha)
8:24 My kid had a pretty ruff day at work (There_is_no_cloud)
8:45 Very poor choice of words (Doreido21)
9:03 Watch my cats die inside (Kleiist)
9:18 Full swinging with a putter (JacksSmerkingRevenge)
9:28 Watch people die outside (merely_boii)
9:35 The rhythm of the night (sherifmerdani)
9:42 Watch out (PPIIKKAACCHHUU)
9:52 Too late he realised what he had done (Horseman-Of-Death)
9:56 Feels bad (Fireblake7656)
10:11 Oh youve been joined by a beautiful lady (scarsandwoich)
10:19 Happy Birthday Mr Gur (CaseAub12)
10:30 Were going to talk about graphics cards (AlbertoMs)
10:38 Face paint disaster (GlumMarsupial)
10:47 Sad life (JanRT0_0)
10:53 Pranking with wet paint sign (memezzer)
11:07 Top 10 Anime Betrayals (NS-Khan)
11:32 The vaper almost laughed during the setup (McAvoy3)
11:42 Uh that looks painful (JustARandomSeaTurtle)
11:47 Falling down the stairs at work while recovering from a broken foot still (Paddzie)

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