Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think! here are the timestamps for each video:
0:00 Didnt see the second cup coming (u/Etheria0)
0:16 the disappointment on the mans face (u/TinyRioters)
0:33 Hate to see it (u/HeyItzEman)
0:45 Pick him uppppp (u/Oricoh)
0:58 Another omegle gem (u/Pedrica1)
1:16 Babysit they said itll be fine they said (u/wooden_slug)
1:23 Kanye isnt having it (u/italoxiz)
1:35 It do be like dat sometimes (u/harsha1234578)
2:06 Real pain (u/Visual-Surround)
2:46 Keep on rollin Linus (u/NCV9)
3:08 Hate when my homie takes my urine (u/Sanches003)
3:44 When grandma send her nude to you by accident (u/Visual-Surround)
4:11 Linus killing people (u/knyth)
4:20 wow this is getting (u/That-Guy-Adog)
4:37 Every woman knows that grab (u/Visual-Surround)
4:52 Poor guy (u/DRE-QUE)
5:10 What is a potato The pain in his face is unbearable (u/Jeishon)
5:41 When he realises hes given away tactics (u/ijustbrowseherelol)
5:51 Getting demolished by SteveO (u/cmk100)
6:20 Oops (u/kausthubnarayan)
6:26 today im going break this can of sprite look it (u/pannacotta_hiiro)
6:38 No boundaries (u/Visual-Surround)
6:44 I dont care (u/vince2td)
7:20 Insert coin here to start machine (u/Visual-Surround)
7:36 Fuck Daylight Savings (u/Taco6N13)
8:07 No one wants to be neutered (u/Amatuerdoghour)
8:14 XQC doesnt realize he lost against Logic (u/AJE123456)
8:46 Tito Ortiz explains why hes in good shape (u/GlobalSweet)
9:13 Hit the nuts hehehehahaa (u/baboq)
9:26 When they make dog treats that look like a cookie (u/Visual-Surround)
9:59 Ahhhh that one definitely hurt (u/lil-subedi)
10:14 Speechless (u/joeygallinal)
10:53 Parents leave daughter in car and turn dog mode on (u/KFCfriedduck)
11:09 At least hes making an effort (u/ro-suh)
11:32 gotta get that zoom background just right (u/EdwardSandwichHands)
11:47 It was the chairs fault (u/gr8elmacco1)

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