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0:00 So close (u/damelargenuts)
0:11 Old dog blues (u/Daivyjones)
0:29 Streamer thinks about his life choices after having minecraft ptsd (u/Feigi_father)
0:51 The dude tried to do a tiktok dance failed misserably (u/TrevorJudge_YT)
1:04 Rudy Giuliani just farted in court and the poor lady next to him heard it (u/DomWaits)
1:14 At least hes making an effort (u/ro-suh)
1:37 Theres a leak in the kitchen (u/Aina007)
2:06 Look at those little teeth CreditJPPerformance (u/Petrolengine)
2:34 Press F to pay respects (u/Chasith)
2:42 Thats not my name You dont even know my name (u/stanqubic)
2:52 maybe not (u/lucidali)
3:30 Grandma didnt want to listen Felt kinda bad for him (u/TacoOnTwoWheels)
4:02 when you forget youre in practice mode (u/fishbutt327)
4:17 Wrong store (u/mrObry)
4:39 A stuffed and striped murderer (u/TheIdealNoob)
4:59 A classic own goal from Vincent Kompany (u/Vegito40)
5:22 Ouch (u/Dumas76)
5:27 Dying right side (u/Visual-Surround)
5:45 At least they shake hands (u/Tamames)
6:30 Wrong person (u/ArodlshadYT)
7:11 He thought he could make it (u/Mrshaynes1216)
7:43 You got me You got me (u/femzy112)
8:14 Shroud missing a panzer shot at point blank range (u/nikodredux)
8:33 Id wanna fight too (u/grandmaster_meat)
9:09 Melina meets creepy guy on beach
9:38 Clever comeback (u/MzaidM)
9:51 Heheheh (u/ogloc989)
10:06 Tough cookie (u/Visual-Surround)
10:44 Connies or point blank (u/1prtonix)

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