Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think! here are the timestamps for each video:
0:00 Cocky onion lover takes on too many pickled onions (u/babzbunni)
0:15 That final Oh (u/Markomann69)
0:30 Hey teachers leave them kids alone (u/JeanJacques007)
0:45 Eat Your Vegetables (u/HulkTogan)
0:54 Bop it (u/usheikh121)
1:09 Introducing our Aussie to her new puppy sister (u/cardinannigans)
1:22 Keanu Reaves goes too hard in the paint (u/RubelsAppa)
1:36 1 versus 1 (u/starman3rd)
1:58 That was pretty loud (u/malams)
2:07 The good ol joe mama joke (u/CatTheMemeGod)
2:33 Trying to screw a tv stand to the wall (u/csaputr1)
2:53 I see the Vietnam on his face (u/bambinobiricchino)
3:32 No Dancing Expect on Tables (u/kgomotso_maepa)
3:39 Hot Dog Reposted because sound issues (u/djepoxy)
3:52 CursedDonation (u/Willi_Vi)
4:00 He thought it was over (u/Lildaddy2409)
4:07 A Russian minister talks about exporting pork (u/notpreposterous)
4:37 Cat licks Owner he returns the favor (u/donbosco2017)
4:45 Guy dies inside after losing all of his progress (u/ratblood99)
5:30 The mum looked so confused lmfao (u/TopicalMundane)
5:39 I can get a car now (u/starman3rd)
6:15 This is why we stopped playing jenga (u/MagWasHere)
6:26 Kid wants to hug the president (u/OwlSings)
6:39 My Dad needs to stop smoking (u/airnomad64)
6:49 Grab the dog for foot selfie (u/T27T)
6:59 Parents leave daughter in car and turn dog mode on (u/KFCfriedduck)
7:15 DAMM (u/ZzZLUCKNESHZzZ9523)
7:41 At least he didnt fall (u/Brainlikeplane)
7:53 The things you see on zoom (u/OnlineBoyfriend)
8:05 Everybody in this car once they realise theyre being filmed watch the lady in the backseat die a slow and painful death inside (u/kwkierjote)
8:29 Not the best choice of song for a kids ride (u/MistaBobMarley)
8:41 Tyler 2 gets called a cuck by a 16 year old (u/VineCompilation2017)
9:07 Do the math people do the math (u/Nomotoji)
9:39 T H I C C wait what (u/Santimotions)

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