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0:00 Watch Cat Meow Inside (u/rsmires)
0:06 Curb your grammar (u/tediousbrunch)
0:30 Da Fuq (u/Jnrajiv2002)
0:37 These hoes aint loyal (u/Ash00721)
1:02 Kissing your side chick in public (u/Peake37902)
1:13 Visual representation of 2020 America (u/ChicknStripz)
1:22 Time to find a new game to play (u/-Zerost-)
1:53 The look of defeat (u/KyoshiSimp)
1:58 Just pure internal pain (u/jcolaaa)
2:27 When you realize life is NOT one big party while youre still young (u/darkdramabean)
2:35 Stuck in the railings outside BampM (u/Aina007)
2:56 Cameraman did him dirty (u/Firesleven)
3:16 When you lose to your twin brother by 0001 sec (u/usheikh121)
3:39 A friendly spider in the car (u/KebabChef)
4:08 A seal of approval (u/memezzer)
4:15 He almost cried (u/JeanJacques007)
4:59 His mother shut him down real quick (u/Smilingtribute)
5:12 F in chat please (u/Currynrice9728)
5:21 Practice makes perfect (u/yomamascub)
5:34 This is why you should never wake up a sleepwalker (u/JeanJacques007)
6:06 The moment my dog realized we brought home a new sister from the shelter (u/8Ariadnesthread8)
6:18 My family put Christmas attire on one of our dogs (u/MARRUUUU)
6:26 Filter comes off live stream (u/Em_TD)
6:36 Cant argue with logic (u/Elua7)
6:45 imagine being this unlucky (u/thejeshwaran)
6:56 Well that was unfortunate (u/ball-_-fondler)
7:04 That time JLo went back to her block and was not recognized (u/EdvinRama)
7:27 Her heart actually broke for a second (u/ShadowSurfer44)
8:02 There is an imposter among us (u/hot)
8:38 Dog affected by Daylight savings time (u/trackstar7)
9:06 Watch as mark dies when Amy opens the door (u/Zynexion1)
9:28 Tell me when (u/usheikh121)
10:03 Cheese fondue guy dying inside (u/Lalamint)

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