Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think! here are the timestamps for each video:
0:00 Dies inside after breaking the pole (u/VonBjeer)
0:09 Not enough parachutes (u/Spikeywater)
0:19 We had a dog over cat wasnt amused (u/thatredgirl19)
0:34 My man thought the mic couldnt pick up his whisper God shes beautiful (u/ProcrastinatorSZ)
0:51 Facing the music (u/JeanJacques007)
1:14 Melancholic Trex (u/ball-_-fondler)
1:29 He just wanted his ice cream (u/memetrooper_)
1:54 Where did the dot go (u/QC222)
2:19 This is not fun (u/usheikh121)
2:35 whats goin bro (u/usheikh121)
3:14 PewDiePie Kills KSI Inside with Obamtangula (u/Instinct_xx)
3:32 Ice gives him the news (u/ylno83)
3:50 Removed the snowFinally gtg work (u/ipqwert)
4:10 When the pressure gets to you (u/Al_Muhammadi)
4:50 I dont blame him Which fing monster designed that door (u/Chasith)
5:05 Hole in one (u/loftyskyshark)
5:19 I think my cats broken (u/MariooLunaa)
5:28 Watch my dog die inside after losing grip on his toy (u/stephaniemd)
5:46 Steve died a bit inside that day (u/grandmaster_meat)
6:14 guy breaks candles in church yes you heard it correctly (u/ratlungs)
6:30 The look on the way down (u/QC222)
6:42 Goalkeeper whiffs clearance leading to an own goal (u/ohnoh18)
7:13 Hear commentator die inside (u/Bobbington3)
7:39 Alphonso Davies called his teammate Alaba to tell him he couldnt talk (u/SawOnGam)
7:51 Got em good (u/retsuue)
8:24 When the family argues during Thanksgiving dinner (u/nbridges77)
8:31 Watch my pup die inside after dropping her toy (u/Beckyk2009)
8:45 FRICK Daylight Savings (u/Taco6N13)
9:15 Smarter Everyday no longer wants to be smarter (u/_fat_redditor11)
9:43 World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen loses his game because of a mouse slip (u/A-Ghost-Story)
10:21 Yeah I like insects I guess (u/SirWitsAlot)
10:52 YOU ARE A CAT (u/charbi69)

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