Some more oddly satisfying things to do in Terraria…


Terraria is a frustrating one… especially master mode. someone says it’s not hard at all, but it sure is frustrating. and hard. So let’s step back from that, and here’s some fun way to play the game!… or not.

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There was an old man… or ninja saying “True art is an explosion”. I agree, so you can use lots of things to be satisfied!… no, not eating. Have you done setting up orange pressure plates? Ah, screw that away, friendship ended with orange plates, now explosive red button is my best friends!… don’t touch it though, because boulder will do that instead.

Since sideway harpy isn’t a thing, so you could make one, with rails and minecart apparently. so grab your mechanical minecarts, and enjoy!… if you can, that is.

used music:
-English country garden
-Terraria windy day
-Terraria rain
-Terraria space day
-Terraria ocean night
-Terraria otherworld: prelude