REAL GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA | My Haunted Home & The Ghost Talks | Spirit EVP


This is my house as caught on camera during a paranormal investigation. All occurrences are real. All scenes natural as they were caught. We have added sub titles to enhance the video. This is the raw video and evp session of the spirits in my home talking to us. Spirits want to communicate for many reasons. Sometimes spirits and “ghosts” are lost, stuck, and can’t cross over. Spirits are all around us. Cleansing the home did not work and some just stick around. My home was built in the early 1900’s. My haunted house and the results of the paranormal investigations certainly show clear evidence of paranormal activity. The ghosts want us to leave this old haunted house but we intend on staying. These talking spirits clearly are not shy. The EVP spirit sessions in this video offer proof of activity.