Oddly Satisfying Video to Calm your Nerves | Original Sound with Calm Music


Satisfying Meter Channel here by present you oddly satisfying videos for instant relaxation for sound sleep with Calm & soothing music.

Most of the time life’s painful and existence is a pain. But then there are some moments that make it all worth it. Those moments when you’re at pure bliss, and nothing else matters. Your body has goosebumps. When you pop bubble wrap, or when something fits into something else perfectly, you know that satisfaction? Well this video is all about that. Just get satisfied and sleep.

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❚ A-Gon – Walked Away
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Lockdown – Baribal & Pold https://soundcloud.com/pold-music https://soundcloud.com/thatdudebrb

❚ Two Ways -These Years
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