Learn how to improve atmosphere of a clip inside Apple Motion using Compositing Elements – MotionVFX


In this new tutorial we will learn how to composite various elements to create atmospheric effects with Apple Motion. We will see how to integrate fog and dust footage with tracking and special effects to create a nice interaction within the background video.

00:00 Introduction.
00:42 Importing footage and creating a new project in Apple Motion.
01:00 Adding some brightness using the Glow filter.
01:34 Adding a fog compositing element.
02:02 How to composite element with blending modes.
02:21 Tracking the fog element.
03:56 Masking and creating depth in the shot.
04:09 Using a B-Spline mask.
05:00 Tracking the mask.
05:32 Using a Bezier mask.
06:15 Tracking the mask.
07:13 Using the glow filter for better integration.
07:30 Stylizing the fog element with filters (Contrast, Light Rays, Colorize).
09:03 Adding and compositing 4K dust element.
10:00 Adding a new fog layer.
10:26 Tracking the fog layer.
10:36 Adding a new 4K dust layer.
11:03 How to rotoscope a mask.
11:44 Conclusion.

Tutorial Music

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