Huge Blast As Electric Scooter Explodes, Family's Escape Caught On Camera

A father, daughter and their pet dog had a very narrow escape in China after their electric scooter exploded inside the house. A terrifying video which has gone viral on Chinese social media websites shows how the scooter, which was charging inside the house, started smoking seconds before it exploded into a massive fireball. Luckily, the father-daughter duo and their dog were able to exit the room in just the nick of time.

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The Shanghaiist reports that the incident took at around 5:30 pm on Sunday. However, it is not clear where the incident took place.

The video begins with a loud bang that startles the dog. As the father gets up to check what happened to the charging scooter, it begins to smoke. Thankfully, all three managed to run out of the room before the massive explosion occurred.

Since being shared online 11 hours ago, the video has been viewed almost 60,000 times and has collected hundreds of comments on Shanghaiist alone.

“That’s a smart doggy, it knew there was something wrong as soon as it saw the smoke,” wrote one commenter. “Smart father, daughter and dog,” said another.

According to Taiwan News, no one was injured in the blast and the name of the Chinese manufacturer of the scooter has not yet been released. Police are investigating the incident