How To Make A Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet – Step By Step Tutorial


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This video tutorial for beginners will help you to understand how to make a triple loom band bracelet. This kind of loom banding bracelet is not very easy, but if you will follow my video instructions step by step you will make it easily! For Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet you will need: 2 loom boards, a c-clip or s-clip, a hook and 99 rubber bands. If you want to make a Multicolor Rainbow Loom bracelet, you will need following colors: 25 black bands, 7 light blue bands, 7 green bands, 6 light green bands, 6 yellow bands, 6 beige bands, 6 orange bands, 6 red bands, 6 light pink bands, 6 pink bands, 6 violet bands, 6 dark blue bands and 6 blue bands. If you don’t have 2 loom boards – make this loom band bracelet with your friend. Good luck!