Farm Fresh Ninja Fruit Cutting (Oddly Satisfying Fruit Ninja) human talent #12


Farm Fresh Ninja Fruit Cutting (Oddly Satisfying Fruit Ninja) human talent #12

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Heeeeey guys!
I’m back with a new track! ^^
Not quite sure what genre this is either.. But i guess it would go under Tropical, house, Vibe, Chillout or something like that xD But then again.. like i always say, SCREW GENRES!
I would also like to thank every single one of you for 16k subscribers! c: You guys ROCK!

Oh and yeah my Soundcloud got hacked and deleted!
!*Dun dun duuun*!

…But it’s back up now and everything is back to normal (:

So yeah thank you all so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed it.

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