Electric-assist bike share scheme rolls out in New Taipei

An electric-assist bike-share system called Moovo has launched in New Taipei City. The bikes debuted in Tamsui District late August. Starting Sept. 1, these shared bikes are also available in Banqiao, Xinzhuang and Sanchong. Moovo riders must use a mobile app to rent and return their bikes at designated locations in the city.

Use the mobile app to scan the barcode, unlock the bike, and you”re ready to go for a ride. This is New Taipei City”s pilot program for shared electric-assist bicycles. Starting this month, more of these bikes will hit the road.

Lin Shan-ting
FTV reporter
Whether New Taipei City will implement YouBike 2.0 hasn”t been decided, but it”s become the first to launch shared electric-assist bicycles like the one I”m riding right now. In the future, they can be rented in Banqiao as well as Xinzhuang and Sanchong.

In the initial stage, New Taipei”s Moovo electric bike-sharing system will offer 180 bikes in Tamsui, Banqiao, Xindian, and Sanchong. On an electric-assist bike, one step of the pedal can go a long way. Riders can travel for 60 kilometers on a full charge.

Moovo charges NT$9 for the first 10 minutes and NT$1 for every minute after. That”s NT$59 for one hour. YouBike only charges NT$15 for one hour. But there”s another difference between the two systems.

An app is used to rent the Moovo bikes. To return a Moovo bike, riders need to take a photo of it and upload it to the app. Moovo stations have no bike racks. Instead, bikes are borrowed and returned in designated areas marked by a digital fence.

Shen Wei-chieh
Shared e-bike operator
If you”re returning the bike and find out on the app that you can”t return it, report your location and take a photo. People can leave their bikes with peace of mind. We will use AI analysis to confirm that the bike is at the proper spot.

As to whether Moovo can be a replacement for YouBike, New Taipei”s Department of Transportation emphasizes that the two systems occupy different market positions.

Wu Cheng-yen
New Taipei transportation department
The market position of electric-assist bikes is different from that of YouBikes. There are many shared transport options now, such as ride shares and shared scooters. Share bikes are also part of the shared vehicle ecosystem.

New Taipei”s contract with YouBike ends July of next year. How it will partner with YouBike in the future isn”t yet determined. To shape its decision, it”s launched a shared electric-assist bike system to test the waters of public opinion.