DIY Pencil Cases FRUITS (Watermelon, Lemon, Kiwifruit) – NO SEW DIY School Supplies


Easy tutorial of DIY school supplies – how to make pencil cases in a shape of different fruits. All you will need is plastic folder, glue, shoelaces (or old T-shirt) and zipper (not necessary).

I chose 4 colors of plastic file folders – green (my favorite), yellow, orange and pink. Therefore I made green kiwi pencil case, yellow lemon, orange orange (lol) and pink watermelon.

#1 – The Lemon Pencil Case is the easiest one.
I took folder with a clip so did not have to attach other fastener. For this type of DIY pencil case you will need a plate (round), a pencil, scissors, stapler (or hot glue), flat shoelace (salad or yellow), sheet of paper, a piece of kitchen sponge and white nail polish.

#2 – The Watermelon Slice Pencil Case.
This is my favourite! Although it is the hardest one. But EASY anyway. You will need a pink plastic file folder, old t-shirt (white), double-sided tape, green gouache, glue gun, zipper (green), black and white permanent markers.
I suggest to use old T-shirt because it’s a great substitute for shoelaces. But you can use whatever you want. If you decided to cut your t-shirt – here is a measurements: 4 strips – length about 40 cm (depends on cases’ size), width 5 cm EACH.
I love to paint with gouaches on clothes. Yes, better not to wet it after dry, but for accessories (such as pencil case is) it is perfect. Sure, you can use clothes dye or just cut two t-shirts (green and white).

#3 – The Kiwi Slice Pencil Case.
Awesome green! Almost the same way as Watermelon Case, but with a flat salad shoelace. My boyfriend said it would be useful for someone to watch how to draw kiwifruit – so now you have this opportunity 🙂

#0 – The Orange Pencil Case.
I did not show how to make it only because it is a combination of Lemon Pencil Case (I mean drawing slices with stencils and nail polish), Watermelon Pencil Case (zipper) and Kiwi Pencil Case (shoelace).

Make any fruit of any color! Create, experiment, succeed!

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Good luck 🙂