DIY Mini Donuts Jewelry – How To Make Donut Earrings, Bracelet and Pendant Tutorial


I love this way to make jewelry! And you will NOT need a polymer clay! In this video tutorial you will find out how to make donuts and other tiny food jewelry (earrings, bracelet and a pendant) with a simple recipe.
For DIY Mini Donuts you will need: 100 g salt, 400 g flour, 200 ml hot water and nail polishes (I used bright yellow, dark yellow (also known as ocher), pink, fluro pink (or hot pink), blue and glitter nail polish). Yes! It is a good old playdough recipe! But in a new way to use it! For Donut Bracelet and Donut Pendant I used pink wax cord.
How to form a tiny donut – watch in my video. Also you may find interesting how do I paint them after they dry. But you can paint small donuts with any other color – make them chocolate, for example. 🙂
You may be interested in how long will it take to dry the dough – about 24 hours. If you will cover the dry donut with nail polish (as it shown) it will not melt even in the rain.
In my video I also show different kinds of DIY mini food. So be creative and make yourself amazing cute tiny food jewelry!
Good luck!
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