DIY Giant Phone Mirror – How To Make Your Mirror Look Like Giant Smartphone


Absolutely awesome way to decorate your mirror! In this video I show how to make it look as a mobile phone in easy and cheap way.

I made my mirror to look like my phone (Samsung), but you can make it to look like iPhone or any smartphone you use.

For DIY Mirror-phone 🙂 you will need:
a mirror (for sure lol) – mine was 35×60 cm, but the main is it’s rectangular shape. Even if it is not 16:9, after decorating it will look like phone.
white vinyl contact paper (self-adhesive) OR you can use a regular wide white tape, electrical white tape, and even white paper covered with clear tape. Why vinyl or tape? Because the surface will be glossy, just like phone’s, and you’ll be able to wash it. But sure you can use just a regular white paper and double-sided tape.
silver tape – or silverish duct tape, or tin foil, covered with clear tape. If you will use a foil – attach it to the mirror using double-sided tape.
black and white electrical tapes (which could be easily replaces with paper, washi tapes etc)
glue stick (or double-sided tape)
black and white permanent markers
printed icons


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