DIY Giant Mechanical Snow Globe (Snow Cube) – How To Make A Snow Globe With Continual Snowfall


Easy way to make a super awesome giant snow globe (or better to say Cuboid) with never-ending snowfall.

Snow is my passion. I love to play with it, walk in it, draw it and just watch this perfection. And obviously I like snow globes – little winter scenes. But the problem of all those miniature spheres that snowfall lasts just few seconds. So I’ve decided to invent a #SnowGlobe with eternal #snowfall. Aww! And #giant , of course, – so it can be seen from anywhere in my room.

To make this cuboid-shaped snowdome you will need: 3 photo frames (A4 format), cardboard box, shower puff, polystyrene foam (or use a bean bag filling) and a table fan.

Decorate the winter scene as you want! I placed a little bird inside, snowman and fir tree with fairy lights. So at night, when room lights are switched off, I still can see the snowfall 🙂

Love you! Enjoy!

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