DIY Fluffy Monster Backpack – How To Make A Funny Hairy Backpack


DIY backpack tutorial! In this video I show how to make your backpack (school bag) unique and cute! One more DIY project to my Back-to-school videos 🙂

For this DIY friendly monster school bag you will need:
old (or new, but cheap) (or whatever LOL) backpack
yarn (I used 4 coils of yarn. Each: 100 g / 100 mt / 109 yards; #6 (super bulky), 17 R, 12 sts., 100% acrylic)
and a hot glue gun

For the monster’s face 🙂 you can use sunglasses and felt (for teeth), as I did, or customize it as you wish.

The piece of cardboard I wrapped with yarn was 10×25 cm.

I always write some tips in the description, but it is so easy to make that I don’t see any problems to write about. Seriously – everything is super easy! So, good luck! And enjoy! 🙂

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