DIY Antistress Ball – How To Make Anti Stress Balls


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Stress is the most destroying power in our time. So I suggest to relax with squeezing my DIY Anti Stress Ball! This malleable toy helps to relieve stress and even exercise the muscles of your hand! So it is useful twice! And if you are not stressed at all – it is really fun to squeeze it and make different shapes and forms (especially when you drew a face on the ball). But, if you ARE stressed, angry and anxious – just take this DIY Stress Ball and crumple it! You will feel relief after 30 seconds!
For my cute anti-stress ball you will need: 1 balloon, flour (wheat or corn, or whatever), tablespoon, some kind of stick (I used a paintbrush), a funnel and scissors. Follow my video instructions of how to make Anti Stress Ball to understand how to use all this stuff.
If you want to draw a face on the stress ball – use a permanent marker. I also suggest to tie a bow on the top, or make hair out of thread – then the ball looks cuter 🙂
Good luck! And relax!