Day at the Golden Spike Tower. Featuring Ten Special UP Locomotives


-North Platte, Nebraska:

North Platte is home to the biggest railroad yard in the world; Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard. Near the middle of the yard is the Golden Spike Tower. An eight story tall tower shaped to resemble a railroad spike. From the seventh floor open deck one can look out across the yard, which is two and half miles. And each way (West and East) four and a half miles. Also located close by is the locomotive shop and sand tower. Which readies locomotives for the road or does repairs if needed.

On this day; September 13th, 2012. Union Pacific had no less then ten (that’s right 10!), Special locomotives on hand. In town for Railfest 2012; which started the next day; they are #2010 the 100 years of Scouting. #7400 the Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness. #1983 Western Pacific Heritage Unit. #1988 MKT (The Katy) Heritage Unit. #1996 Southern Pacific Heritage Unit. #1982 Missouri Pacific Heritage Unit. #1989 Rio Grande Heritage Unit. #1995 Chicago & Northwesetern Heritage Unit. #7964 the ‘5000th Evolution Series’ locomotive. And to top it all of Union Pacific’s steam star #844 with 10 passenger cars. What a way to celebrate your 150th Birthday in Railtown USA!


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