10 Siren Head Sightings Caught On Tape


10 Siren Head Sightings Caught on Tape

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10 Siren Head Sightings Caught on Tape

Ghastlier than any creature you’ve seen or heard of, Siren Head is back from his slumber since 2018 — when the rusty-looking creature was last seen.
Since reemerging, the giant monster seems to have touched a nerve; what with the nightmarish monster going viral on the internet, and becoming the gist of much lore recently.
There has been an outburst of paranormal stories telling of horrifying encounters and hair-raising sightings of the 40-foot horrid creature caught on tape.
I have a feeling we’re going to run out of adjectives on this one.

#10. RUN!!
Just to make it clear very early in the video, there are more than one Siren heads. And there are many species of siren heads as well. Each endowed with different powers and abilities, but they all have those same megaphones, and they kind of have the same freakishly tall, near-skeletal frames; covered in dried, mummified flesh.
The Siren heads you see here were spotted in an unknown location and they don’t seem to mind being filmed… ay! as long as you’re doing it from a safe distance.
But, why would anyone even go to such an eerie location, especially where more than one of these monstrosities of sinister creatures can be found. And the weather looks beyond horrifying, with loud gusts of wind blowing and cloud-to-ground lightning crashing downwards.
You can never be too safe where these devious monsters are. You might think you’re recording at a safe distance where they cannot reach you, and suddenly they do this!
You don’t know exactly what kind of powers these things have.
So, your safest bet – the moment you hear ghostly noises, muddied with strange siren sounds – is to run!

#9. Caught on trail cam
This video looks a little hazy because the dense fog in the area not only makes it difficult to see, but also creates a sort of ‘eerie’ atmosphere across the woods.
The video was likely captured by a wildlife camera (also called a trail cam) set up in the woods and left to film wildlife unnoticed. But what the camera caught, was something completely unexpected, and quite startling too.
Again, it’s a little difficult to see because of the heavy fog, but can you make out the silhouette of a gigantically tall creature walking in the background?
That’s no moose!
It was definitely a Siren head. Even the background audio recorded was a wailing sound similar to Chicago tornado warning sirens.
And there’s only one monstrous creature that we know to blast out emergency broadcasts, static frequencies, and other weird sounds, intending to distort its victims, if not to burst their eardrums and brains.
Overall, the fact that there is no obvious effort to frighten us with a jump scare in the end of the video, makes this siren head sighting look quite authentic, doesn’t it?

#8. Caught during YouTube Live
Streaming live from his hometown in Tanyard Creek, Arkansas, Youtuber DX Army and a couple of his friends decided to venture into the dark woods of the state park. They hoped to bust the Chad Gewecke saga, in which Chad and a group of friends encountered Siren head in those very woods on July 16th, 1995, and he was the only survivor.
Determined to bust the Siren head myth, the Youtuber and his friends proceed into the woods, knowing full well that the 1995 saga may – just maybe- have been real.
The bunch get lost a little but they quickly retrace their steps, still streaming the whole thing on YouTube.
Shortly after, they hear strange sounds coming from the woods, beyond the reach of their camera and phone flashlights.
And that’s the moment they learn firsthand that they had found – or is it them that were found by Siren head?

#7. Sighting in India
We found this video uploaded to TikTok by Bilawal Sidhu who seems to be going outside his house to investigate an odd siren sound coming from the nearby woodland. Even the crows seemed to have been startled and we can see them fly off to safety.
The Siren head you see here was spotted in India, and it’s unnerving how it looks nothing like what we know to be the appearance of these creatures. This one does not appear to be heavily emaciated like the rest of the gang, probably because it has devoured more people.
The rustic metal color of its skeletal frame and its signature dual-megaphones head are all too familiar. But there’s no getting used to this creature, lest you let your guard down and mysteriously find yourself in the hands of this twisted monster that honestly looks ghastlier than a thousand…hang on, has that UFO been up there the whole time?

#6. Hide-and-seek Siren head
Our next Siren head encounter video comes from content creator and TikToker, Alex Howard.